• Focussing on National exam performance for the last 8 years, within the 8-4-4 system, the upward trend has been encouraging.



  • Currently, the school has 30 teachers, from T.S.C. and 17 B.O.G. teachers.



  • The Girls  are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities by joining clubs of their interest to explore their talents.


School Calendar

  • Third Term 2013  New!
    Midterm: 18th - 23rd Oct 
    Form Four Prayer Day: 18th Oct
    KCSE:  22nd Oct - 15th Nov
    Closing Dates: 14th Nov



Extra Curricular Activities

  • Science Congress Science Congress

    Patron - Mr Seki

    The school has not been left out on this area. Creativity and innovation of students have been demonstrat

  • Music Club Music Club

    Patron- Mr Mwangi P.

    Year in year out students in several categories of music have represented the school up to

  • Games Games

    Games master-Mr Kamotho

    All students are encour

  • Drama Club Drama Club

     Patron –Wanjiku Mukuura

    The main objective of drama club is to identify and nurture talents in acting and other relate


Mugoiri Girls' High School - You Are The Light!

Mugoiri Girls' High School was started in 1938 as a primary, then  as intermediate between 1940-1956 by Consolata Catholic sisters. 

The school offers the compulsory subjects in the 8-4-4 system of education.  Besides these subjects, students do pure sciences: Chemistry, Physics and Biology and we expand the Curriculum further by offering: Agriculture, H/science, Business education, French and Music, and Lately computer science.

The school have computer literacy classes for all the students;

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